Molly Hankinson

Molly’s practice concentrates on the honest and unapologetic representation of womxn and non-binary people through painting, printmaking, and hand-drawn and digital illustration. She explores themes surrounding (self)representation, reclamation and celebration within the wider realm of contemporary femininity. Her subjects are characterised in a powerful way and are celebrated through the highlighting of shared experiences, achievements and struggles that fall under the intersectional umbrella of womxnhood. Her work focuses on the aesthetics of bold considered colour placement and use of continuous line to produce unflinching and emphatic compositions which reflect the people present in the work. Often tongue-in-cheek yet inevitably politicised, Molly looks at confronting white feminism’s complicity, taboos surrounding body image and sexuality, and subverts the notion of ‘womxn in the home’ through the reclaiming of interior spaces as a place of safety, ease and power.